What is Functional Fitness?

Functional Fitness is exercise training that reestablishes physical function throughout the body. The human body was designed for regular physical activity like walking, picking things up, and sitting and standing up. With age and over time these everyday activities can become difficult or maybe even impossible with lack of physical exercise to build strength, flexibility, and mobility throughout the body. Having total body strength is detrimental to the proper function, and control of the body. Lack of strength and core stabilization throughout the body results in chronic pain, and loss of the body’s proper physical functions.

Functional fitness training is progressive and for all fitness levels and goals. Training should include a mix of functional movement and resistance training to establish core strength, correct muscle imbalances, and improve postural health. Training starts with body-weight exercises and progress to training that utilizes functional equipment like balance and suspension trainers, resistance bands, and stability balls. For those who are comfortable, training at home is more logical than going to a gym when most equipment needed are things that most gyms don’t loan out or are limited to in quantities.

The hardest part about starting any sort of exercise program is not knowing what to do. Seeking the help and training from a personal trainer would be the best option for a beginner to learn how to execute proper exercise form and the right exercises, with the right pace and mode. For those with exercise training experience, training at home, and maybe following an at home training program or joining a group fitness. The possibilities are endless. 

Before it becomes a problem find a simple but effective way to become more physically active. 

Written By: Camlin Oliver Jackson

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