Welcome to Functional BodySHOP

Welcome to the Functional BodyBlog! 

We’re really excited about the restructure and launch of our studio with our new site, blog, and membership site to complement our “one on one” and “On Demand” training. Our goal is to reach more people anywhere, at anytime. We will continue to offer in person training as well as our new and upcoming “Training on Demand.”

We’re dedicated to providing simple, safe, and functional ways to being more active and eating healthier. We want to see all of our clients succeed at overcoming their health, fitness, and/or nutrition obstacles.

Functional BodyBlog is the news and education side of our studio. We strive to keep you up to date with current trends in fitness and health, events, and education in fitness, health, and nutrition. We strongly encourage you to sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know when we post. We’re going to be expanding our reach and our training structure and we want you to stay for the ride and see where we go.

Most of all, we appreciate your thinking of Functional BodySHOP for your Fitness and Health needs!

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