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Waistline Wednesday 3

At Functional BodyShop, Waistline Wednesday is a Tradition and part of our culture. Part of our focus in training all clients is focusing on building a stronger foundation which for the human body, our foundation is our center of gravity and that is our “core.” We always start initial training focus on straightening the body, and then building a stronger core. In straightening the body, there’s a lot of core work. Training the abs to be functional is our first and primary focus, always, when training with clients. 

This week for Waistline Wednesday, instead of just showing you an exercise like I’ve done in my past posts. I decided to instruct you on how to use correct form and effectively plank with a variation for those who may struggle and could use a modification to start. I nice stable platform, like a floor with or without carpet is recommended. A mat to protect the knees for harder surfaces. Now your ready to do this!

The Workout:

Planking in the morning a the static part of a morning workout routine would be excellent for starters. Start holding your plank in 10 second increments and if that’s too hard use 5 Second increments. If you’re doing an unmodified high plank and its difficult, try the modified version. Try to increase time each week and if using modified work on advancing to the unmodified version.

For more Abs and Core tutorials and exercises please click on one of the links below and share this post and click on my photo on the upper right hand corner of the video and subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Thank you!

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