Waistline Wednesday 8 on BLACK FRIDAY!

For the first time since we started doing Waistline Wednesdays, we didn't post an exercise or workout up in honor of Thanksgiving Day. Wednesday was a pretty busy day for most of us. Even for those who went grocery shopping earlier and tried to be prepared, there was still more than usual traffic and stores closing early, on top of just plain old STRESS. 

We thought it would be nice if we just kept it real for a moment and take the time to just focus on being prepared to spend some quality time with family and friends, while also being able to indulge in some awesome food without feeling guilty. If you were smart you didn't just go all out and eat everything or anything. And if you did, it's not for me to judge but its my job to help motivate you and guide you in the direction that's going to get you back on track or help you work towards overcoming your obstacles. 

Sharing is Caring