Waistline Wednesday 4 – Halloween Edition

Functional BodySHOP got it's name because we want to help people become more functional in life. Being functional in life means being able to function, by being able to accomplish things like getting up and down without difficulty, keeping up with your children and grandchildren, or just being able to still play your favorite sport activity with friends. It may not seem important while your young but it's when we get a little older we start to feel the results of our lack of caring better for ourselves and that's when it starts to matter. 

The Workout: This Waistline Wednesday Workout is an intermediate 3 move (exercise) workout. I recommend this workout for somewhere who's been working out for at least 6 months and would like something a little more challenging to do. Each move is 30 seconds with a 10 second transition rest and 30 seconds rest at the end of the round. I recommend trying 3 to 5 rounds which is under 10 minutes.

What you need:

  • Yoga / exercise mat
  • Water
  • timer / interval timer

Alternate Workout Option: You can also try this without an interval timer by simply doing 5 - 10 repetitions of everything. Your goal is to see how many rounds you can complete and in how much time. Do this workout a few times a week challenging yourself to complete more rounds and/or more time. 

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