Waistline Wednesday 13: Total Body New Year

Happy New Year!

This year we're really excited for what's to come and we're anxious to kickstart our online training platform. 

In the meantime, we're changing the way we bring our Waistline Wednesday series and it starts this week. 

We're going to start the first Wednesday of the month with a full workout, that we will breakdown the next 2 Wednesdays of that month. We're going to explore everything Abs and Core, especially diet because its 80% of where your work should come from when it comes to getting more toned looking and defined abs. 

Now, let's get ready for the New Year with this total body, fat-burning at-home workout that targets hamstrings, quadriceps, shoulders, abs, obliques, lower back, and glutes!

This workout is great for beginners or someone who's looking for a kickstart to get back into training again. Minimal to no equipment needed, just a mat, a set of 5 to 8 lb. dumbbells, and some water and or towel (optional but recommended).

Format: 3 rounds. Beginner: 0:30 each move, Intermediate: 0:45, Advanced 1:00
10 second rest between each move, 45 second rest between rounds.

1: Front Raises to Shoulder Press
2: Bird Dog
3: Squat to Shoulder Press
4: C Sit Twist
5: Shoulder Matrix

Your Health is your Wealth. If you're not functioning properly in some way, then some area of your life will experience a little neglect or more work to compensate. Being able to function throughout life is how we're able to take care of our families and maintain a career. If you're not able to function then you can't take care of yourself or loved ones.

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