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Seriously Committed

$ 400 / Month
  • 20 Training Sessions per Month
  • Train up to 5 Days/ Week
  • Food Planning Application and Track
  • Bi Weekly Measurements, Body Fat, & Weight Check In
  • Phone & Text Support
  • One Time Grocery Store Education Help
  • Monthly Goal Renewal

Completely Committed

$ 350 / Month
  • 16 Training Session Month
  • Train up to 4 times per week
  • Food/Meal Planning App
  • Monthly Measurements, Body Fat, and Weight Check In
  • Phone/Text Support
  • Monthly Goal Renewal

Starter Commitment

$275 / Month
  • 12 Training Sessions per Month
  • Train up to 3 times per week
  • Monthly Measurement, Body Fat, and Weight Check In
  • Phone/ Text Support
  • Monthly Goal Renewal

Our goal is to provide effective training that gets results, while preventing injuries, and building total body strength, straighter body, lean muscle, and a healthier body fat percentage.

Training sessions are 45 minutes at our Puyallup private home studio. We use TRX Suspension Trainers, BOSU Balance Balls, Stability Balls, and Resistance Bands for most of our functional training.  All training plans are month to month, where autopay is preferred but is not required. *There is a $25 upcharge for all training  plans that are not paid using autopay. There are no contracts or initiation fees and plans can be cancelled anytime.


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