Small Group Training in Puyallup is for groups of up to 4 or 5 (depending on the class), and consists of functional training classes that are designed to safely and effectively guide you through exercises that mimic activities of your daily living. Groups are kept small to maintain the integrity of training. Our classes are for all fitness levels and goals, modifications are available for all exercises. Complimentary meal planning application available for all Small Group Training participants. All classes are scheduled online using the MINDBODY application. Download MINDBODY to your phone or tablet.

UNLIMITED Classes $129/Month

Sign up for as many classes as you'd like with this plan. All Unlimited plans come with food/meal planning app.

Class Drop In $25

Drop in pricing is good for one month after purchase. Bring a water bottle and we've got towels.

Functional Circuit Training

Functional Circuit Training is a 45 minute class emphasizing bodyweight movement that mimics real life body mechanics and your lifes daily activities. Safely and effectively build muscle strength and endurance, as well as core strength and stability. All fitness levels and experience welcome.

BOSU Bootcamp

BOSU Bootcamp is designed to strengthen, and stabilize, the core muscle while also building muscle endurance and improving balance. All fitness levels and experience encouraged.

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