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Monday Motivation. 7 Ways to Slay your Day!

“Monday’s are the worst!” Something heard or said often. Monday wouldn’t be such a problem if it wasn’t the start of the week and end of the weekend. Whether you work, you’re a stay at home mom/dad, or a student, the weekend is usually a time for leisure and fun, that no one really looks […]

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Waistline Wednesday 7

Welcome to another Waistline Wednesday!  I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that abs are made in the kitchen. Well if that’s the case then we need to provide a Waistline Wednesday Meal Plan to help maximize the results you can get from these workouts and for your overall health.  Challenge yourself using the 1 Day Meal Plan […]

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Waistline Wednesday 5

Waistline Wednesday again, and every Wednesday. We’re always excited to share different exercise demos because we love helping people and we’re always pushing to see people move more and become more active. In order to do so effectively, it’s our obligation to make sure that we’re teaching you proper form and how to make these […]

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