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Stop Following Fad Diets

Remember the Atkins diet that was popular back in 2003 to 2004? Last year, everyone was focused on low carb and Keto. It seems this year, we’re focusing on processed vegan foods, and keto is still going pretty strong.  Fad diets come and go. Most of them are about quick achievements and restrictive eating.  If your goal […]

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My Top 10 Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss is not the problem. Energy in vs. Calories out, and not focusing on your body’s energy expenditure.  We don’t realize a lot of our day to day habits are the leading cause of our weight gain, and the problems and stress that are attached with getting and keeping it off.  I do know what […]

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50 Cancer Fighting Foods You Already Eat

For cancer, early detection is your best weapon of defense. Or, is it? Well, in working backwards, it would make more sense for us to take better care of ourselves in effort to avoid the disease all together. Cancers like intestinal cancer, makes it’s breakthrough as early as twenty years prior to ever being detected.This […]

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