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Waistline Wednesday 10

Hey Everyone! Thank you for joining us for another “Waistline Wednesday.” We’re always excited to present and demonstrate core exercise training because the core is the body’s center of gravity, as well as the support system for the entire upper body. Building a stronger core and building core definition are separate things. For that six pack or […]

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Monday Motivation. 7 Ways to Slay your Day!

“Monday’s are the worst!” Something heard or said often. Monday wouldn’t be such a problem if it wasn’t the start of the week and end of the weekend. Whether you work, you’re a stay at home mom/dad, or a student, the weekend is usually a time for leisure and fun, that no one really looks […]

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Waistline Wednesday 9

Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 When building more defined abs, training should focus on three basic things; Improving Stabilization, Increasing Endurance, and Increasing Strength. Building a more stabilized core starts with the entire body and joint stabilization for stabilization of the spine and to improve overall core strength and health. Increasing core endurance begins with repeated […]

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