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“We focus our training on helping you to become the BEST version of who you already ARE”

Camlin Jackson

Camlin Jackson / Health & Fitness Coach 

2 Day Guest Pass Includes:

2 Personal Training Sessions

2 - 30 Minute, one one one, Functional Fitness Training Sessions.

3 Day Balanced Meal Plan

Maximize your results with this easy to follow customized meal plan. 

24/7 Community Support

Facebook Support Group and Accountabilities Community 

This Guest Pass is for you if:

  • You're not happy or seeing results with your current fitness/health program.
  • Looking for a safe and effective training program that builds a straighter, more stable, and stronger physique.
  • Workouts that are 25 - 35 Minutes.
  • You want to be the BETTER version of YOU.
  • You want to feel better from the inside out.
  • You want a cost effective and overall effective training program.
  • Need help with individual food and eating plans.
  • You're looking to build self confidence.
  • Looking to make healthier lifestyle changes.
  • Interested in training without first making a commitment.
  • You want more for your life and your overall health.
  • Have no idea where, and how to begin your journey.
  • You want to recharge your metabolism so you can maximize your calorie and fat burn, while also building more muscle.
Functional BodySHOP Fitness and Health Coach

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