Transformation Personal Training Programs

For all fitness levels and goals!

"We're not a gym, we're a Functional Fitness Studio"

Functional BodySHOP is a private in-home functional fitness and health studio where we train people who are looking to improve their overall quality of health through increasing physical activity, consuming a cleaner and more balanced diet to promote a better quality of life.


3 ladies with feet in TRX Straps

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Personal Training

We build individualized exercise programs for all fitness levels and all goals. You can train with us one on one, or with a few other people in a small group.

Functional BodySHOP Home Studio Training

Train with us anywhere, at anytime using our mobile training app. Access your workouts, meal plans, track stats, and follow our video lead workouts. Our app is available for Android, and Apple.

Meal Plans

We customize easy to follow meal plans that are designed to meet all your fitness and health goals. We work with a variety of diets like Ketogenic, Paleo, and even vegan.

Health Coaching

Overall health improvement is the overall goal with health coaching. We'll work together to build an individualized program that will help guide you towards healthier lifestyle choices.

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